About us

We specialize in high blood pressure

Blodtrycksdoktorn – ”The blood pressure doctor ” from Accumbo AB offers Sweden’s first digital healthcare service that is specially adapted for patients with high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension as it is also called, is the single biggest cause of cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attack. In Sweden, about 2 million adults are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Currently, there are both digital health centers and health apps for logging blood pressure, but no healthcare service that combines both, focusing on individualized care for chronic illness.

Our goal

Our goal is to give you control of your high blood pressure for a healthier life, more efficient and close care, and reduce the burden on traditional health care in the case of chronic diseases.

We are good at what we do

We are a team of doctors, researchers, health scientists and IT developers. We believe in what we do and know it is important. We always rely on science and care about humanity, the environment and our society.

We take high blood pressure very seriously

We are driven by the mission of making our society work well and smooth in the future. We know that things can be done in a new and more efficient way. And we know that the treatment of chronic diseases can be made better.

Studies show that measuring the blood pressure at home gives more accurate and frequent figures, and thus it can also be treated with higher precision in medication and counseling. Therefore, we offer a digital service that is genuinely personalised on every level, easy for the patient, and with continuous follow-up and quick action from doctors in cases of deviation.

By making healthy lifestyle choices patients with hypertension can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. We supply patients with educational material tailored to the specific situation of the patient.

This means better health for the patient and that we ease the workload and economic burden in traditional care.

Read the scientific report about our treatment method published in Blood Pressure Monitoring October 25th 2019 here, and from Hypertension Vol 74, Issue suppl 1 here.

The Management Team

Martin Carlsson – Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Ghassan Darwiche  Chief Medical Officer Diabetes

Ulrika Lönnbom Svensson – Chief Operating Officer

Pontus BodelssonChief Executive Officer

Anders Bjerkén – Chief Technology Officer

Samuel BörjessonChief Product Officer